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How it Works?

Need an extension of your company to help handle customer service, lead capture, product ordering, appointment scheduling or event registration? We can help you build a plan that meets your needs to satisfy your customers and communicate with you.

Our Call Center solutions put you in charge. We will work with you to meet your needs at the times you need us (after hours, weekends, etc). 

Company Operator

Running a successful business comes with a busy phone line.

As all these calls flood in, it seems like there’s never enough time to answer them all.

Luckily, with our company operator service, your company can ensure all calls are handled in an efficient and effective manner.

 Our team of professionals will ensure each call is routed to the correct department depending on the client’s needs.

Appointment Scheduling/Reminders

Scheduling an appointment is the best way for customers to connect with a company. However, if their call isn’t answered or they’re unable to schedule a meeting, they may be tempted to take their business somewhere else.

With the help of our appointment scheduling services, this will never happen again!

Our 24/7 live appointment scheduling services will ensure every client’s call is answered and every meeting is arranged. We’ll make sure no call slips through the cracks.

Emergency Dispatch

No one knows when or where accidents are going to happen, but with our 24/7 answering services your company can be more prepared.

When an emergency strikes, the last thing your clients wants it to be put on hold.  Luckily, our team can help.

We are available 24/7 to answer calls, detail emergency procedures, and ensure your clients are receiving effective help as efficiently as possible.

 No matter the disaster, our team will make sure every call is answered and that every client is personally taken care of. 

Reservation/Event Registration

Preparing for an event requires a great deal of work, but with our event registration services it’s never been easier!

While you focus on the event’s details, we’ll cover all the registration. Our service gives you more time to focus and coordinate while we are available to help guests 24/7.

Our team is trained to treat each guest with respect and efficient service. 

We’ll work with you to design a specific registration format to ensure the registration is as organized as possible so your event runs smoothly.

Product Order Entry & Sales

The best way to close a sales deal is with immediate action. Don’t make your customers leave a voicemail or wait for an answer to their call.

With our 24/7 product entry & sales service, we will ensure that you never miss another sale.

 We’ll work with you to ensure our team is trained to understand your business and your company’s ordering process.

Our team is available to handle orders at any time of the day to help your business flourish. No call, order, or customer will slip through the cracks!

Lead Capture

When your company gets overwhelmed with other responsibilities, sometimes looking for new business is put on the back burner.

With the help of our 24/7 lead capturing service, you can ensure your business continues to grow. Whenever any potential client responds to your marketing campaigns, out trained team is always available to recruit them as new customers.

 While you focus on running your business, we will obtain new leads, take orders, and schedule appointments that will  grow your business efficiently and effectively. You’ll never miss a sales opportunity again!

Help Desk

In this day and age of fast and immediate technology, your customers expect 24/7 service. With the help of our exceptional team, we can meet and exceed these high expectations.

While you focus on your company and your responsibilities, our team will cover the phones. Your customers will never be put on hold again!

Whether they have general questions or time-sensitive issues, we’ll handle each situation with efficient, high quality help that will uphold your company’s outstanding reputation.


Meetings/Conferences/Call Alerts

When running a successful company, the last thing you want to do is miss an important meeting, conference, or call. 

Luckily, our team has a service just for this. You’ll never miss anything again! 

Our 24/7 meeting/conference/call alert system will align with your schedule. Our system will send you a personalized alert for anything you have scheduled.

Conference Calling

Whether you’re working with employees at your own company or a group of clients, it’s important to stay connected. 

With our conference calling service, your business can converse with multiple people in one simple, effective call.

No longer will you have to worry about poor audio-quality or bad connection! Our convenient conference call service will keep you, your team, and your clients in efficient and effective contact.

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