About Us

accredited call center

What Makes Advanced Answering Different?

National Award Winner
Having accreditation is a true measure of a company's business practices. Advanced Answering is 1 of 11 centers in the U.S. and Canada that have achieved all 3 nationally accredited certifications. 

“24/7 Call Center Site Certification Gold Star Level”
“Award Of Excellence Winner For Outstanding Service” from The Association of Tele Services International
“Award Of Excellence Winner For Outstanding Service” from Cam-X

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Highly Customized Level Of Service
You receive customized solutions for your communication needs from a dedicated management team. We partner with you to know and understand your specific business. Software, hardware and custom scripting are used to create and achieve the outcome you desire. Customized reports are created so the information we gather from your caller can be used to positively impact your business. Come and partner with a company who desires to give you and your callers a positive memorable level of customer service.

Every Call Counts
On every call, our agents accurately and professionally represent your business. Agents are highly skilled in call handling, courtesy, accuracy and overall service. No matter how simple or complex your account, our agents are trained and prepared to help your callers. We want every one of your callers to have a “WOW” experience, and know that they have received excellent customer care.